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sesja wizerunkowa dla Hexeline

Photoshoot of a A/W 2019 Hexeline Collection

Project Type /

Art & Creative Direction

Date /


Photography /

Marcin Kempski

Client /

Blackballoon agency / Hexeline

"She knows perfectly well what she desires. Consistently striving to achieve her goals. A modern woman of success, a wife and mother, she no longer intends to hide her strength. Her style expresses all elements of her personality - elegance, beauty, and freedom.

With slightly tousled hair, natural makeup, and a strong gaze, the heroine of the Hexeline campaign for the autumn-winter 2019-2020 season defies conventions. She confidently goes after what she wants, treating societal norms as suggestions rather than directives. In the photos, we never see her face directly. She covers it with her hands, averts her gaze, steps out of the frame. She refuses to be captured, tamed, or restrained."
Anna Konieczyńska, Vogue

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