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hexeline photoshoot

Content creation

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Brand Strategy, Branding, Content creation, Art & Creative direction

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Photographer /

Szubert Photography


Hexeline / Blackballoon agency

The Polish fashion brand Hexeline has existed on the Polish market since the 1980s. Although since then it has managed to strengthen its position in the domestic industry, it did not necessarily exist in the minds of younger generations of women.

Our goal was to refresh its image and create a communication strategy that would reach a new audience. What have we done? First of all, we used the potential of the name Hexeline (German hexe - witch). It was she who became the starting point for us to write a new chapter in the history of the brand.

In line with the Big Idea of ​​our campaign: "With Hexeline you have power", we have created a new Hexeline language - the language of modern witches. The brand began to speak with the voice of strong and self-confident women who believe in the magic of fashion and with its help they add charm to their everyday life. In light and accessible language, references to esoterics and astrology appeared and magical phenomena. The magical symbols of modern witches consistently remind themselves of each other as well in visual communication.

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