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Hot Shot Day by Galliano

Typ projektu

Branding, Ilustration





For this project, I took on the responsibility of crafting a unique and visually appealing identity. I designed a captivating logo that captures the essence of Galliano Hot Shot Day, reflecting the elegance and celebration associated with the event. The brand book I created serves as a comprehensive guide, outlining the visual elements, messaging, and guidelines to maintain a consistent and premium brand image.

To promote the event, I produced a series of posters inspired by Dutch paintings, infusing a touch of classic artistry into the contemporary celebration. These posters not only communicate the details of the event but also evoke a sense of sophistication and cultural richness.

The result is a reimagined Galliano Hot Shot Day that not only preserves its traditional roots but also propels it into the global stage, making it an aspirational and distinguished celebration for individuals and brands alike.

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