Artist, Graphic Designer, Art Director
founder of @matildaishername

Grew up in a family of artists which gave her encouragement to experiment and follow her own creative path at an early age.


Graduated as a Graphic Designer and Printmaker, never lost her curiosity for different media and broad creative fields. Her works were shown at exhibitions in Poland and abroad.


She likes to combine traditional etching skills with digital tools but always goes back to simple, minimalistic, and elegant black lines to demonstrate her strong drawing skills. While experimenting with different techniques, she keeps her focus on simplicity and reduction.

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Artist, Painter, Renovator

Accomplished artist on the international art stage.

Graduated from the Academy of Art in Kracow. She followed her path as an artist by being part of multiple exhibitions which gave her the recognition she deserved. Now she’s an award-winning painter, known and valued in-country and abroad.

She creates abstract oil paintings and figurative drawings. Always taking her emotions as her muse and her strong art education and talent as her language to create beautiful and acknowledged
art pieces.

2018 Bez tytułu I 50x70 kopia_closeup.jpg

Artist, Painter, Graphic Designer

Independent artist, valued and acknowledged on the international stage.

Graduated from the Academy of Art in Krakow.
Creates large abstract paintings awarded by many Galleries and art exhibitions.


His works are a combination of strong color and form. Always looking for inspiration in bold compositions. This makes his artworks very powerful and eye-catching.