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it's a mix of art, knowledge, and a strong drive to do what I love with people I admire.

About me...

Justyna Mikusz

Graphic designer | Art & Creative Director | Freelancer

I grew up in a family of artists, where I developed my creativity and aesthetic sensitivity at an early age. Years of education at art academies have led me to the creative industry, where I fulfill myself as a strategist and artistic director for small and medium-sized brands. I’ve been working as a brand specialist for clients and agencies in UK and Poland. My extensive experience includes web design, building brands image in social media, creating visual identities, and being responsible for the concepts of image and product sessions. 


I'm also an artist. Graduated as a Graphic Designer and Printmaker, I never lost my curiosity for different media and broad creative fields. My works were shown at exhibitions in Poland, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, and the UK.

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